• Our Vision urges us towards implementing our research and innovation in a delighting our present patrons and prospective clients. In coming years Rajarshi Engineers is all set to achieve new milestones in customer services and developing technologically component products in the Electro-Mechanical and Civil field.

Glimps of 2014 :-

  • We have entered into the field of Infrastructure – Water Works & Drainage Works a short span ago, B.C.C’s business lines have become a popular name in public and private utilities.
  • Our keen dedication and analytical outlook made way for where we are today because we always stand for best quality service. Our products do enjoy a distinct reputation, which is second to none.
  • Over the past one year B.C.C has undergone many changes. We have moved into new fields, restructed and strengthened our management teams, advanced our technology and marketing capabilities and all this throughout this recession.
  • B.C.C’s solid growth, enterprise, expert management strategy and expanding market penetration have proved that we are committed to maintain our reputation in the years ahead.

Our Capabilities

Infrastructure Engineering85%
Manufacturing Engineering80%
Electro Mechanical Engineering80%